LTNS (2024) Kdrama Watch For Free

Woo-Jin and Samuel are a married couple whose once passionate relationship has dwindled into a comfortable monotony. Woo-Jin is career-driven and ambitious, while Samuel harbors hidden depths of anger beneath his mild-mannered exterior. Their spark seems lost, the intimacy fading along with the years.

Things take a drastic turn when Woo-Jin stumbles upon a shocking secret about a pair of friends. This triggers a chain of events that leads the couple to make an unconventional decision: they open an “immorality tracking business,” specializing in catching cheating spouses and extorting money from them.

Esom as Woo-Jin: A sharp and determined woman who takes charge of her life, even if it means venturing into morally ambiguous territory.

Ahn Jae-Hong as Samuel: A seemingly mild-mannered husband with a hidden fire burning within him. He grapples with his anger and doubts as he is drawn into his wife’s schemes.

Lim Dae-Hyung and Jeon Go-Woon: The duo serves as both writers and directors for LTNS, bringing their unique vision to life.

LTNS is poised to become a must-watch for fans of Korean dramas seeking something fresh and thought-provoking.

LTNS now streaming on HiTV