Captivating The King (2024) Kdrama Watch For Free

Captivating The King is a historical drama set in the Joseon Dynasty. It tells the story of Yi In (played by Jo Jung-suk), a prince who becomes king but is isolated and untrusting due to past betrayals.

He meets Kang Hee-soo (played by Shin Se-kyung), a skilled baduk player who approaches him under false pretenses to seek revenge but ends up falling in love with him. Their relationship is further complicated by political intrigue and power struggles within the royal court.

Jo Jung-suk as Lee In: A prince who becomes king but is haunted by his past and struggles to trust anyone.

Shin Se-kyung as Kang Hee-soo: A skilled baduk player who is secretly a spy seeking revenge against the king.

Lee Shin-young as Kang Jin-ho: Hee-soo’s younger brother and a loyal supporter of the king.

Kim Young-ae as Queen Dowager: The king’s grandmother and a powerful figure in the royal court.

If you’re a fan of historical dramas or romantic thrillers, this is definitely a show you won’t want to miss.

Captivating the King now streaming on HiTV