Good Partner (2024) Kdrama Watch For Free

Good Partner centers on Cha Eun-kyung, a renowned lawyer specializing in divorce cases, and Han Yu-ri, a rookie lawyer new to the field. Cha Eun-kyung is a seasoned lawyer with 17 years of experience, known for her straightforward and sharp personality.

Despite being highly respected and dubbed the “Nation’s Divorce Lawyer,” Eun-kyung faces a personal crisis when her own marriage is on the brink of divorce.

Han Yu-ri is a fresh-faced lawyer who often clashes with Eun-kyung due to their differing perspectives on handling cases and clients. Yu-ri believes in justice and fairness, which puts her at odds with Eun-kyung’s pragmatic approach that prioritizes the firm’s interests​​.

Jang Na-ra as Cha Eun-kyung: A veteran lawyer with a no-nonsense attitude, facing her own divorce crisis while managing her demanding job.

Nam Ji-hyun as Han Yu-ri: A new lawyer passionate about justice, who frequently clashes with her senior, Eun-kyung.

Kim Jun-han as Jung Woo-jin: The team leader of Daejeong’s Divorce Team 2 and a junior colleague to Eun-kyung. He often acts as a mediator and has a calming influence on the team.

P.O (Pyo Ji-hoon) as Jeon Eun-ho: An optimistic lawyer tasked with reducing the turnover rate among new hires and mentoring Yu-ri.

Good Partner will stream from July 12 on HiTV

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