The Auditors (2024) Kdrama Watch For Free

The drama revolves around the audit team at JU Construction, a company riddled with corruption. Shin Cha-il is the head of the audit team, known for his sharp judgment, determination, and impeccable negotiation skills. He is cold, distrustful of others, and ruthless towards those involved in embezzlement​.

Goo Han-soo is a new employee in the audit team. Representing the MZ generation, Han-soo initially joined the audit team with hopes of transferring to JU Construction’s Florida branch. However, his compassionate nature and warm-heartedness almost lead to his expulsion by the strict Shin Cha-il​.

Hwang Dae-woong is the ambitious Vice President of JU Construction and the youngest son of the company’s founder. Dae-woong aims to outshine his older brothers and ascend to the presidency but faces significant challenges from Shin Cha-il, who has been recruited to clean up the company​​.

Shin Ha-kyun as Shin Cha-il: The cold and calculated leader of the audit team who relies on logic and reason.

Lee Jung-ha as Goo Han-soo: The warm-hearted rookie who dreams of working in Florida.

Jin Goo as Hwang Dae-woong: The charismatic and ambitious Vice President of JU Construction.

Jo Ah-ram as Yoon Seo-jin: The ambitious and self-centered new hire with a complicated history with Dae-woong. Her primary focus is on her own success​​.

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