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Red Swan centers around Oh Wan-Soo, a talented golfer who reaches the pinnacle of her sport. Driven by ambition for a life of luxury, she marries Kim Yong-Kook, the heir to the powerful Hwain Group. However, her seemingly perfect life takes a sharp turn when she’s assigned a new bodyguard, Seo Do-Yoon.

Do-Yoon, a skilled martial artist who graduated from the police academy, harbors a hidden motive for joining the Hwain Group’s security detail. As Wan-Soo and Do-Yoon spend time together, she starts to uncover the dark secrets lurking beneath the Hwain family’s glamorous facade.

Oh Wan-Soo (Kim Ha-Neul): A fiercely competitive golfer who claws her way to the top. Marrying into the Hwain family grants her the luxurious life she craved, but it also throws her into a web of secrets and danger.

Seo Do-Yoon (Rain): A stoic and highly trained bodyguard with a mysterious past. Do-Yoon’s unwavering dedication to his duty masks a secret agenda.

Kim Yong-Kook (Jung Gyu-Woon): The heir to the Hwain Group, burdened by the pressures of family legacy. Yong-Kook’s seemingly perfect life is riddled with internal conflicts, and his marriage to Wan-Soo becomes strained as the family’s secrets come to light.

Park Mi-Ran (Seo Yi-Sook): The cunning and power-hungry matriarch of the Hwain family. Mi-Ran will stop at nothing to protect the family’s reputation and maintain their control over the vast Hwain Group empire.

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