Knight Flower (2024) Kdrama Watch For Free

Knight Flower tells the story of Heo Ran, a kind-hearted florist with a hidden secret. By day, she runs her quaint flower shop, but under the cloak of darkness, she transforms into the masked vigilante, “Knight Flower.”

Driven by a desire to protect the innocent, Heo Ran navigates the dangerous world of Joseon Dynasty’s nighttime, tackling injustice and corruption with her wit, agility, and blooming fighting skills.

Lee Hanee as Heo Ja-woon/Moo-kung: A florist with a hidden fighting prowess. She takes on the persona of Moo-kung to combat injustice and protect the vulnerable.

Lee Jong-won as Baek Seung-ho: Ja-woon’s loyal and dependable servant. He knows her secret identity and supports her missions.

Kim Sang-joong as Kim Man-ho: A powerful and corrupt official who becomes Moo-kung’s main antagonist.

Lee Ki-woo as Lee Yoon-sung: A noble scholar who gets caught up in Moo-kung’s world and develops feelings for Ja-woon.

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