Beauty and Mr. Romantic (2024) Kdrama Watch For Free

Park Do-Ra (played by Im Soo-hyang) is a top actress living the high life. But her world comes crashing down after a scandal lands her in hot water. Go Pil-sung (played by Ji Hyun-woo) is a rookie drama producer who’s full of passion but lacks experience.

When their paths cross, Pil-sung sees potential in Do-Ra and offers her a chance to redeem herself. As they work together, a romance blossoms between the once-celebrated actress and the devoted producer.

Im Soo-hyang as Park Do-Ra: A talented but arrogant A-list actress whose career takes a nosedive after a scandal. Despite her tough exterior, Do-Ra has a hidden vulnerability.

Ji Hyun-woo as Go Pil-sung: A passionate and optimistic rookie drama producer who believes in Do-Ra’s talent. Pil-sung’s unwavering support helps Do-Ra overcome her challenges.

“Beauty and Mr. Romantic” is also known by the literal title “Beauty and the Devoted.” The drama is directed by Hong Seok-Gu and written by Kim Sa-Kyung. Early buzz suggests the drama will be a rom-com with elements of career struggles, self-discovery, and redemption.

Beauty and Mr. Romantic now streaming on HiTV