Wonderful World (2024) Kdrama Watch For Free

“Wonderful World” is a story about Eun Soo-hyun, a woman who was a psychology professor. Her life changes completely when her son is mysteriously killed. She becomes very sad and decides to find out who did it and make them pay because she feels that the law did not help her enough.

Soo-hyun meets other people with their own stories, like Kwon Seon-yul, who used to be rich but now lives a tough life after losing his parents, and Kang Soo-ho, Soo-hyun’s husband who is a TV news anchor. Together, they get involved in a complicated situation that tests their choices between right and wrong.

Kim Nam-joo as Eun Soo-hyun: A psychology professor and ex-convict whose life is turned upside down when her son is killed under mysterious circumstances.

Cha Eun-woo as Kwon Seon-yul: A college dropout who works at a junkyard. Seon-yul comes from a wealthy family but faces a harsh life after losing his parents in tragic incidents.

Kim Kang-woo as Kang Soo-ho: Eun Soo-hyun’s husband and a successful TV anchor, whose life is deeply affected by the tragic events that unfold.

Im Se-mi as Han Yoo-ri: A representative of Cheongdam Select Shop, former manager of Soo-hyun, and a close figure to her, almost like a real sister.

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