Branding in Seongsu (2024) Kdrama Watch For Free

Branding in Seongsu is a South Korean romantic comedy-thriller drama that tells the story of Kang Na-Eon, a cold-blooded and successful marketing team leader, and So Eun-Ho, a warm and innocent intern. Their lives take an unexpected turn when, after an accidental kiss, their souls get swapped!

Forced to live in each other’s bodies, they must navigate the challenges of their new lives while trying to find a way to switch back. Through this unique experience, they gain a deeper understanding of themselves and each other, discovering vulnerabilities and strengths they never knew they had.

Kim Ji-Eun as Kang Na-Eon: A cold and calculating marketing team leader who prioritizes success above all else. After the soul swap, she struggles to adapt to Eun-Ho’s warm and innocent personality.

Lomon as So Eun-Ho: A kind and cheerful intern who dreams of finding love. He finds himself in Na-Eon’s body after the soul swap, facing the challenges of the corporate world.

Yang Hye-Ji as Do Yoo-Mi: Na-Eon’s best friend and colleague, who offers support and advice during the soul swap.

Kim Ho-Young as Cha Jung-Woo: A handsome and charismatic marketing director who becomes entangled with Na-Eon (in Eun-Ho’s body).

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