Wedding Impossible (2024) Kdrama Watch For Free

Na Ah-Jeong is a talented actress who is having trouble getting lead parts. She needs extra work to pay her bills. Lee Do-Han is her friend. He is from a rich chaebol family and needs to get out of an arranged marriage due to a secret he has kept from everyone. He comes up with a shocking idea: Ah-Jeong should pretend to be his wife to make his family happy. Ah-Jeong agrees because he wants a change so badly.

But when Do-Han’s eager younger brother Ji-Han shows up, their plan goes out the window. Ji-Han wants to take over the family business, so he suggests Chae-Won as a possible bride for Do-Han. This starts a love triangle and puts the whole act at risk.

Jeon Jong-Seo as Na Ah-Jeong: A talented actress stuck doing extra work. She agrees to pretend to be Do-Han’s wife for financial reasons.

Kim Do-Wan as Lee Do-Han: An heir with a secret who needs to escape an arranged marriage. He proposes the fake marriage to Ah-Jeong.

Moon Sang-Min as Lee Ji-Han: Do-Han’s ambitious younger brother who wants to become the family’s successor. He tries to sabotage Do-Han’s fake marriage.

Gong Min-Jung as Yoon Chae-Won: Ji-Han’s potential bride who becomes a rival for Ah-Jeong’s affections.

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